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Explore Akihabara by Go Kart and Discover Tokyo’s Hi-Tech and Anime Wonderland


Go Kart Tour: Discover Historic Temples, Festivals & Culture – Popular Destination


Explore Japan’s foremost shopping district by Go Kart.

Imperial Palace

Go Kart Tour: Residence of the Imperial Household


Discover the Charm of Monzen Nakacho by Go Kart


Go Kart Adventure with Stunning Views


Close-Up Tour & Nightlife Experience by Go Kart– Book Now

Ryogoku Sumo Stadium

Go Kart Tour: Explore Tokyo’s Cultural and Sporting Heritage

The Japanese Sword Museum

Unveiling the sharp slice of a Timeless Legacy

Tokyo Skytree

The 634-Meter Iconic Landmark & Go Kart Tour

Tokyo Station

Go Kart Tour: Unveiling Cultural History & Architectural Marvel

Tokyo Tower

333m Iconic Landmark, Symbol of Japanese Rebirth & Go Kart Tour Experience