Kartzilla Go-Kart

Things to do in Tokyo


Who We Are

Kartzilla Go Kart offers a life thrilling opportunity for you to explore Tokyo's top attractions and landmarks in a street legal Go Kart. Our tours are concentrated around the top tourist attractions in Tokyo and will help enhance your firsthand experience of Japan.

Our tour guides are locals, well trained, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable of the various attractions in Tokyo and the rich history behind these attractions.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to providing you an exceptional service starts right from your booking, to assisting you prepare the necessary documents you need, making your travel plan and ensuring we are there every step along your journey.

Kartzilla Go Kart offers a safe, thrilling, and unique way to explore Japan in style. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned driver, young or senior citizen, the experience is definitely unforgettable. Our Go Karts are safe, well serviced and our tours will compliment your experience by creating that breathtaking adventure that will climax your tour like no other.

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